Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Another Low

My self esteem is lagging a little at the moment making it hard for me to work. I'm finding all sorts of things to put off actually writing.

The task of making Tigers Eye readable is daunting. We all look back on things with rose coloured glasses firmly in place, highlighting only the good things. Well Tigers Eye, is a good story--told very badly.

Rather than a revision, it's turning more into a rewrite. To say I'm disappointed in my previous ability to write, would be an understatement. It keeps making me think, "If I thought I was writing well back then, and now I know I wasn't, due to my increased knowledge, what about now? I think I'm writing some fairly good stuff now. In another 12 months, will I look back at this work and think it's only so much dribble?"

I need a shot in the arm. I need some of my assignments to return with good grades. I need to send out the few remaining shorts in my current batch. I need a sale. I need to write some new stuff.

It's been pointed out that I need to work on my scene setting. Apparently I've always been fairly good at action and with dialogue (although Jonathon Stone would beg to differ on the last part).

How does one set a scene and not use the sweeping vista image? Especially at the start of a story. And if one is having difficulties starting a story, then how does one write anything at all?

Isn't learning and growing in the craft of writing fun??

Okay, enough self pity. Time to get to work.

I said I needed a sale to boost my flagging esteem, so I need to finish my last few shorts and get them out to market. I can't do that while playing on the net. Time to get to work.

Good luck with your writing.


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