Sunday, June 8, 2008

A Slow Long Weekend

Most people would think this would be wonderful. An extra day off work to do whatever I want.

It's winter in Australia. It's cold and I hate the cold. My fingers hurt when it's cold. It's hard to type with cold fingers.

I've managed to do a crit for The Teacher, a revision of Ch1 (see previous post), and not a lot else. I've not heard back anything from the coordinators of my diploma, I've not received any assignments and have no idea how I'm expected to proceed. I have reviews to do but the material didn't arrive in Friday's mail. A long weekend means no mail tomorrow either.

Not a lot else to report :(

Second pass on Ch1 will happen tomorrow and I'll get some reading done. I need to organise my rewrites of my current batch of shorts in preparation to go out. I think I've done most of them but I'm losing track. My memory has been terrible and is getting worse. Not good.

A lot of writers seem to give themselves a target of writing 2000 words a day. I'm revising over 3000 words a day. I hope that counts.

Good luck with your writing/revising/submissions.

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