Friday, June 6, 2008

Thick and Fast Email

Today, I worked on the prologue to Tigers Eye--again. If nothing else, it's taught me to get my revisions done early in the week and send them off to The Teacher quickly, because the reply will require a lot more work.

The basic idea is still good. My writing skills are adequate. With the help of others, I'm given the ability to move forward. With the help of others I see things differently. It's a good thing.

The prologue is now revised--again. But back to thick & fast email.

The Teacher and I are still sorting out how this new collaborative is going to move forward. I got to read her WOTF honourable mention story today. It's excellent, far out stripping anything I've read from her in the past--of course. I need to pickup my standard to what it once was. My writing skill has improved but I've cut too far. I loved to go into expansive description in my work once upon a time. Now I cut to the bone and sometimes beyond. I need to get back to a more poetic (I can't believe I just wrote that) form of writing prose.

With the help of others, I think I can. I know I can.

So I wait for an answer to my last missive to The Teacher. If she agrees, I'll continue to revise my book but she and I will revise the remainder of my short stories (in conjunction with TPN). I will work with her on her short stories while she writes a sequel to a work I helped her with last year.

Once we are both happy with the short stories, we will submit them to relevant markets. By that time, we should have a few chapters of each book (her sequel, my Tigers Eye) to begin working through for each other.

Talk of the devil--touch wood. Just got an email in the middle of typing this blog. It's a go. I've sent Mobile for her to look over.

I'll start work on the first chapter this weekend.

Good luck with your writing


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