Thursday, June 12, 2008


What do you think of the new title for "The Idol Con"?

It came to me on the way home last night after picking my boy up from Football training. The new title prompted some new suggestions from TPN that intrigued me. So I rewrote it, adding in bits here, taking away bits there, until it grew to be 2250 words.

Then I checked the competition guidelines. Max word count = 2000. :(

Not happy Jan. So I revised, and managed to cut it down to 1998 words. Excellent! Then I realised I was still counting the title and my contact details; an extra 21 words!

1978 words. It's now a word shorter than when I started the new version! I'm doing no more tonight. I'm tired and obviously not thinking straight. Just as well I saved the longer version before I chopped it. I'll go back over it tomorrow in time for a final posting on TPN for comment this weekend. Then it goes to The Teacher and then off to market.

I'll change all the labels from The Dark Con or The Idol Con to Idolatry for easy reference.

Time for bed.

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