Thursday, June 5, 2008

Counter Stats

I have just been browsing around and was feeling a little down about my counter. At the writing of this it stated that 877 unique individuals had visited my blog.

I went and checked the counter stats and found these:

877 unique individual visitors
1981 visitors in total (so a few of the 877 keep coming back multiple times)
603 visitors are from Australia
154 USA
41 Unknown (I'm sure you know where you are :))
21 UK
18 France
6 Canada (I have a soft spot for Canada)
5 Mexico
3 India
3 Ireland (have a soft spot for the emerald isle too)
2 Japan
2 Turkey
2 Netherlands
2 Fiji
1 Indonesia
1 Venezuela

Which somehow adds up to 864??? I double checked. So I checked by OS type = 866????! 854 by different browser type??????????!!!!!!!!

On checking the graphs, I've had close to 460 visitors in the last month, 220 unique individuals. Most of my traffic is steady between 5-10 people a day (which is great). On the 26th May, I hit an all time high with 20 unique visitors and nearly 70 visitors in total.

Now according to the cluster map, I've only had 296 visitors since 3 Mar 2008. I'm guessing this means unique individual visitors - they can't be that different in the count--can they?

So I guess it's pretty much, throw a bunch of numbers up in the air, place your left finger on your right ear, hold your breath and count to 5 or 16 (your choice) and spit out a number to place on the website.

And people put great credence on web counters to judge the amount of traffic.

I'm switching from unique visitors to hits. I'll keep the map because I think it's nice to see people from all around the world come to see me. The numbers pretty much mean nothing.

More comments would be nice, of course.


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