Thursday, June 5, 2008

Progress Meter

Under the progress meter, you'll find a new table. It lists all the current chapters in my completed first draft. It once said 5th revision but I never really completed a full revision of all the chapters. Only the first six have had any work done on them since they were first penned. Till now, I've been kidding myself.

Now the second draft is on in earnest.

The prologue has been revised by me and sent onto The Teacher for revision. Once she has finished with it, It will be submitted to TPN for them to have a look at. Then it will go into a draw until all the chapters have been completed in this draft.

Once done, I will go through and fix any plot holes and any logic issues, The Teacher, TPN or myself have found. Obviously the final vote on changes is mine--it my name that's going on the end of it.

At the completion of that process, I'll be looking for a few Beta readers. Start posting comments now and give yourself a chance to get to know me and I could be asking for you. I only want two or three and you must like reading epic fantasy type fiction. Tigers Eye is not dark fiction. If i can't find anybody online, I have a number of people in mind who would be ready to read it.

The progress meter will be updated when I've finished revising a chapter and passed it onto The Teacher.

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