Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy Night

Have organised to review Issue 10/11 of Dark Animus. James Cain has kindly offered to send me a copy to review for HorrorScope.

Have offered to look at a story for Benjamin Solah.

Have done a final polish for Mobile and Idolatry. Just waiting on any final crits before sending off, just in case I've missed something.

Have done a good polish on Winged Shepherd. Just waiting for final comments before I find a market for her as well.

Have started a full revision of System Failure. I hope to have this ready for TPN either this week or next.

Semester 2 for my diploma doesn't start till July 21st. I should be fully prepared and up to date on my course reading by then. I'll also have a few assignments in the bag. Cool. Had a letter back from administration today alluding to me maybe already having paid for my 2nd semester. If that's true then that's another bonus. Need to phone the Adelaide Centre for the Arts to confirm. Fingers crossed.

Had a message on my phone today from a friend at work. In his spare time, he does some wonderful photography. Have a look in my link exchange section. Graham Watson is his name. He does weddings as well if you're in the Adelaide area. He's mentioned he'd like me to write the captions for his photography book. Cool.

No answer back from my email to Jonathon Stone regarding assignments for Module 2 next semester.

My review of Infected by Scott Sigler will be up on HorrorScope on August 14. I need to wait 4 weeks after Black magazine hits the stands. I get two credits for that review, one online and one in print. Cool.

My article for SA50s+ is also due out in a couple of weeks so that'll be another credit to add to the bio. All good stuff. Now if I can just sell a story!

I have the Ninth Circle by Alex Bell to read and review plus the Dark Animus issue coming soon.

Plenty to do.

Still need to make sometime to look at Tigers Eye some more and start chapter 3 of Voodoo.

Time to take some writing to work.

Good luck with everything you're doing.


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