Sunday, June 29, 2008

New Friends

I've got a new friend. Mr David Such added a comment requesting a link exchange. No sooner said than done. I imagine anyone who finds their way to this blog is probably looking for writing related content. If that person is so inclined to spend hours in isolation scribbling to the dark (or not so dark) gods of the written word, then who am I to say no to a simple request for a link?

So if you'd like to exchange links, leave me a comment.

On a different note but still thanks to David, I've learned about a new submission tracking tool called Sonar, I'm going to try out. I originally found out here (David - turn on individual pages for your posts so I can link directly to it ;)) but the software from Mr Hal Spacejock himself (Simon Haynes) can be found here. I am really going to have to put some time aside to go through Simon's website. I've just started using yWriter4 and just received my promo stuff for Spacejock, but still haven't found the time to have a good look at all the other software he's created. Don't wait for me to report on it. So far his yWriter software is brilliant, therefore I'm guessing his other titles will be as well. Do yourself a favour and go try them out. And donate to the guy seeing how he's supplying all this good stuff for free.

And while I'm spruiking the virtues of free software to help you in your writing endeavours, a member at TPN has put me onto another gem. Wordweb is free as long as you don't fly too much and add to our already overwhelming global greenhouse issues. A free resource for you to help with your writing--how cool is that!

Now get to work.

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