Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Interesting Days

Monday night, I was in hospital hooked up to an ECG machine. I had terrible chest pains but no idea why. All the tests came back negative so the medicos have no idea why either. Tuesday I spent at home relaxing and recouperating while all sorts of dramas unfolded within my crit group.

One member has now left and two others have promised to try harder. It has definitely opened up the forum for discussion and shaken things up a little. Strangely, I've still only seen work posted by myself and one other, the same culprits who post every week. System Failure has been up there for three days now and I haven't had any crits yet. Plenty of shake up and talk but still no action yet.

Found a possible new market that ties in well with my module on writing a short story, so I'm intending on structuring it around that. I have a couple of ideas for the premise, new ideas so that's exciting. I wrote the first 1000 words of it tonight before reading and writing the first draft of one of my next assignments. The second semester hasn't started yet and I've already drafted the first two assignments--cool!

Anyway, I wrote the first 1000 words of my new short story and then went to pickup the lad from footy training. As I sat in the car waiting for him, I picked a number of holes in what I'd already written and have now decided on a different setting and a different trope to use. All good stuff. I'm going to seriously work on setting in this story. I can do action and I can do dialogue, but a few people have mentioned I need work on setting. So in this story, I'll work on setting.

Still no return of my final two assignments for module 2 from semester 1. Last time there was this big a delay on my grade, it wasn't a pleasant surprise. Lets hope history doesn't repeat.

Lastly, down toward the bottom of the sidebar over ----------------------------------> here, you'll see another new addition. It's called the live feed bar and it shows who else is on my blog when you're reading this. I still get a huge kick out of seeing people from all over the world coming to read my partially insane rants and raves. And I love to get comments. I'm more than happy to exchange links with just about anybody, just ask and I'll paste you into the link exchange widget and I'll add you to the feed list if you happen to be a writer of the dark arts. I add people to both on occasions so please recheck who's there regularly as I don't always announce it. Just like I hadn't announced the addition of Felicity Dowker who is an emerging spec fic writer who has had some exceptional success over the last few months. I'm not green with envy at all! Seriously, congratulations Felicity and may you find many more markets for your scribblings.

Well, that's it from me this evening. I'm going to do a little more reading and then hit the land of nod, and hopefully it doesn't hit back.

Good luck with all your submissions


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  1. Aw, thanks for blogging about me, Brenton! *blushes*

    What is it they say...beginner's luck? As you know, I'm suffering from the most vicious case of writer's block ever known to humanity at the no need to envy me on that front! I'm beginning to think I may never write again...I hit the keys on the keyboard, but all that appears on the screen is: TRIPE TRIPE TRIPE


    Your Hospital adventure sounds scary. I hope you're recovering well?