Thursday, June 5, 2008

Module 2 Assignment 8 Done

The final assignment has been packaged up and will go out the door tomorrow. Phew!

After nearly 20,000 words in 16 assignments, semester 1 was a lot of work. I resubmitted three assignments (one of them twice to make four resubmissions) that made it the equivalent of 20 assignments containing nearly 20,000 words in 17 weeks! That's not including research and draft versions.

I am currently waiting on six assignments to be returned. Two from Module one (Assignments 7 & 8), and four from Module two (Assignments 3, 6, 7 & 8). I need a minimum of a C grade or higher in module 1 to gain a credit and at least one B grade and the rest need to be a minimum of a C grade to gain a credit in Module 2.

I'm taking at least a week off to allow the remaining assignments to come back and to relax a little. I'm guessing I should receive a letter of some sort informing me of the process for commencing semester 2.

It's nice to finish the first part of this marathon though. Only 7 more semesters to go!

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