Tuesday, June 3, 2008

More Additions

The benefits of being a regular here just never stops.

I've added a new list for you. The Competition List. What I'm looking for are competitions that have either: a decent prize pool; prestige publication; a legacy; good well-known judges; some if not all of the previously mentioned criteria :)

I want to grow this into having two or three permanent listings for each month with a couple of others thrown into the mix.

They must be: annual; have no fee (AHWA is free if you join); accept email submissions (especially from Australian entrants(thank you PARSEC)); and lend themselves to a dark theme.

I'll be looking into creating an awards list too, if for no other reason than so we can all dream together.

The format of the listings will be "NAME - Month" which will equate to "Name of competition or publication" and "The month submissions will close" - got that! The month is not when it opens. I suggest you have a good look at all submission guidelines and leave me comments if any links become broken. I list these comps because I'm likely to enter them, not because I endorse them.

Get submitting!


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