Monday, June 30, 2008

Feed Cull

After writing the post about newsletters, I began to go through my feeds list--and cut ruthlessly the blogs that hadn't been updated for a while, weren't providing me with content I could be bothered reading, or were just talking hot air (with have enough greenhouse emissions without me encouraging them).

Some I kept don't get updated regularly either but they have a purpose for me so they remain. As I said with what newsletters you subscribe to, so goes for feeds - different strokes...

I have also reordered them by their importance to me.

HorrorScope remains on top because I need to know what my fellow HorrorScopers are doing. SpeakEasy comes into second spot and is extremely unlucky not to be heading the list. There are constantly good posts here for every level of writer. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to this feed or at least visit the page relatively often for updates. You won't be disappointed.

A couple of industry blogs come next followed by a bunch of authors blogs that I find amusing, interesting and helpful (probably in that order).

Check them out, subscribe if you're so inclined, recommend others if you find some. I'm always open to suggestions :)

Well some suggestions anyway.

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