Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Module 1 Assignment 8 Done

Module 1 has been completed. I was intending on doing module 2's final assignment before this one but I've hit a snag (more on that shortly).

Mod1Ass8 dealt with life writing and wasn't too difficult although it took me a couple of attempts to get the final draft right.

The last part asked me to: Write a brief discussion of what you have learned about writing while studying this module (200 words).

This was my answer.

During this module, I’ve had the fundamentals of the craft further instilled into me. The importance of drafting my work, revisions and instilling routines, has taken my writing a step forward. It has driven me to go further in my attempts to become a better writer.

Lessons on dialogue intrigued me. I considered it just speech between two characters on a page and was surprised it was more. Introductions to style, realisation of clich├ęs and different ways to simply waste words was a real eye-opener.

Practising descriptions and finding I was falling short of what I thought I was achieving in this area, was a wakeup call, and has made me think harder about how I construct paragraphs.

I’ve stepped outside my comfort zone and tried new forms of writing like: speeches, scripts, and poetry. They’ve proven to be challenging. I failed to appreciate poetry, but I’ve gained new insights into play-writing.

Over all, I’ve learned that I could have a future in this business if I continue to apply myself. I have some aptitude for it. I have lots to learn but I’m willing to go the distance to learn it.

This module was only the first big step.

I began writing this feeling like it was a bit of a corny answer, but as I continued, it rang true. I have learnt a lot during this module, even if Mr Stone had to drag me kicking and screaming through parts of it. I learnt that I can write and I could have a future in this business. I've also learned what I want to write and the beginnings of how I want to write it.

The last assignment will go out the door tomorrow or the day after. Including this one, I'll be waiting on the return of two grades for this module before I know if I gain that credit I'm after.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Good luck in your writing endeavours.


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