Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Reviews and Reviewing

I've just posted my review of Roman Polanski's "classic" Rosemary's Baby on the review page of my website. If you're a Polanski fan or a lover of the movie, don't bother reading it.

I've also managed to get hold of a heap of old Stephen King films to watch over the coming days and weeks. I'll be looking at reviewing them as well. Watch this space.

I'm reading Clive Barkers "Books of Blood" at the moment. Good stuff. Keep watching for that review too.

Last night I began reviewing Tigers Eye. I've started by transferring it into yWriter to allow me to use some of the tools in there. Right now I'm working through each chapter, noting what characters I have around the place. I've only done 7 chapters before going off to watch Rosemary's Baby with my wife last night. So far I have 1 main character, 4 semi-major characters, 5 or 6 minor characters, and another 15 or so extras. I have 2 other major characters still to come and probably another 6 semi-major characters. I shudder to think what the final count of minor and extras will be.

Once this list has been compiled, I'm going to go through each chapter and detail what I wanted to take place in each scene. Then I'll storybook the whole novel.

Then I'll cut what I don't require, make notes on anything missing, logic inconsistencies, timeline stuff, and then start the rewrite. This will not be a revision. This will be a full rewrite.

But Tigers Eye will take place on the back burner. I'll also be plotting out Voodoo in the same manner.

A couple of shorts and my diploma will be the main focus for the time being. I still haven't received my last two assignments back yet and I've still had no word on any of my submissions. The wait continues...I'm being unfair; it's been nowhere near long enough to start expecting replies yet, and it doesn't really matter.

Tonight, I'll decide on a market for Winged Shepherd and send that out. It's a day late but that's because I was going to send the Shepherd out with System Failure. Unfortunately, System hasn't garnered a single crit from my group. In the last week, participation requirements have been a major talking point and yet, no movement in regards my short. Frustrating is putting it mildly.

I have had two weeks leave granted from work though starting next week, so I'll have sometime to really get stuck into reading and writing and preparations for next semester. I may even fit in a field trip or two for an idea I've had brewing for a while on yet another back burner.

I read a post the other day in a forum that is apt here - I need a bigger stove with more back burners :)

Life goes on. I still have way too much to do and no time to do it.

Writing is great fun isn't it?

Honestly, I still love what I do, I just wish everything didn't take so long to get done.

Enough of this rant, good luck with your writing. I'll speak to you again soon.


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