Sunday, April 19, 2009


I've spent many hours in the chair this weekend but I have a few things to show for it - no acceptances or anything (actually no rejections either), but lots of stuff done.

Today I finished a quick revision of chapter 20 of AKL and moved on to chapter 21, and then on to chapter 22. I worked chapter 23 into 22 so I've currently shortened the book to exactly 40 chapters. After taking some away, adding others and writing whole new swathes of words, I've ended up adding 2742 words to it. The other good point about this, is I'm starting to add heaps of footnotes. These are little reminders of things I have to go back and do once I've finished the first draft. Things which will add to the layers, foreshadowing and clues and plants and the like - very cool when the brain starts dropping those things in already - it's like weaving a more complex story on the side. Almost like I'm starting to see in more than the black letters on white screen's really becoming alive.

Next thing off the start line was a draft version of my next assignment. This is the POV assignment I've mentioned some time ago. At 1000 words, I'm pretty happy with it, but I'll let it sit for a day, give it another once over and then fire it off - lets see if I can raise the average from the standard B I seem to be getting this year.

Then I had a break to watch Ferrari do woefully in the Chinese Grand Prix - although I was stoked to see Mark Webber get second. Finally he's in a good car and could get a good result this year. Wet weather + no driver aids + new drivers at the top of the standings = interesting race.

I then fired off an email to someone I'm doing a manuscript critique for, claiming the need for more time due to my run away session on AKL this morning. I'm halfway through and promised to at least get through a couple more chapters tonight. Well the roll-on bug hit me again and I managed to get a lot further than I first thought I would. It's looking good to be completed tomorrow, or the day after at the latest. Promise.

So with all the bits and pieces added together, I've come close to 5000 words today with over half of them being solely for AKL. I'm happy with that, and very tired.

My holiday is over so it's back to work tomorrow. That should be fun. No doubt I'll have a full morning going through mindless email, and then an afternoon of catching up on everything which went wrong while I was away--and has been held over to be fixed until I got back - hopefully not. A good day would be no hassles, a quick skim through email, and then plenty of time to work on my own little projects ;c)

Hope you had a good weekend. I apologise for not being a particularly good blog citizen lately. I've been a little under the pump - not a real excuse but it's the only one I've got. I'll try to do better.

Speak soon.



  1. don't worry about being 'a good blog citizen.' Sometimes everything else really is more important than keeping us up to date on what you have going on. Your progress, by the way, looks to be going well. have fun with it.

  2. Hey, you are the busiest blog citizen I know. Get some rest.

  3. You're making great progress - any progress at all is good. I spent no time in the chair on the weekend so have a lot of making up to do this week.

  4. Crikey, BT, just *reading* your posts makes me exhausted - you're so busy, and so productive. You put me to shame. Kudos!

  5. Just for the record, before December 2006, I thought my life pretty slow and uninteresting if looked on by anyone outside my family. I was happy and content.

    Then I began to write. I try to keep time aside for my wife and family, and know I don't do it enough, but I try. I'm still happy and content with my home life, I'm just frustrated and want everything to happen quicker with my writing - there will come a time...

    I'm pretty sure if I wasn't studying as well, life would be much more sedate, or I'd get a heap of writing done, or I wouldn't be going so gray quite so quickly (even though I think it looks distinguished).

    Maybe it's just a different kind of midlife crisis. If I could land a book deal then maybe I'd buy the e-type Jag...