Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back Pain

Well the news is good.

I don't have to go under the knife - yet!

I'm going in a couple of weeks for facet joint injections to the right side of three vertebrae. Nothing huge there. I've had these types of injections before.

We, the doc and I, are hoping it will see off the pain I get in my hip and lower back for at least a three month period. During that time, I'll be working on getting my core strength up so I can support the lower back enough that there won't be any further occurrence of this pain.

Time to finally get that six pack I've always wanted. This won't be a vanity thing though, it's for my own health and well being.

The fact that getting fitter and toning up the mid section is all that is required is great. I'm all for changing my lifestyle to make things better rather than have some one cut me open.


  1. I had some sciatic problems a couple years back and don't ever want to repeat the experience. I feel for you.

  2. Not sciatic issues, although the pain refers through there. This is all joint related. Hopefully a few jabs and a lot of core strength building will fix it all.

    Cheers Nat

  3. Good luck, BT - keep us posted! Well, okay, me... ;) I've been wrestling with the should I-shouldn't I bug since I was diagnosed with SJD. I'm terrified of spinal needles of any sort. ;)

  4. Jodi - I originally blew a disk back in 95 and had no choice but to have surgery. Since then, I always take the option of the least risk. I wasn't sure I had any choice this time so I jumped at an opportunity to manage it through lifestyle rather than permanent change through surgery.

    I'll let you know how it goes.