Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Saturday Post

This is a first for a while. Normally I have Saturday's off but the whole family was out doing other things and left all on my lonesome - so I got stuck in - to start with...

I managed to write chapter 21 of AKL bringing my weekly output to just under 3500. Way short of what I'd like but then added with the rest of what I've written, it actually surpasses my target for the week so I'm not going to bitch about it. Check it out - the bean man has finally hit 50% - it's all down hill from here! Woohoo...

I managed another 5 chapters critiqued in the manuscript I'm working on so that makes it halfway. I'm hoping to get another 10 or so done tomorrow.

I will also get two assignment drafts done, and hopefully get a chance to do a bit on the Xmas antho piece - we'll see.

I've started reading Aurealis issue 41 - the girls of horror edition. So far - it's good, very good.

Then I was interrupted by qualifying for the F1 and by my team playing in the AFL. Ferrari are going crap this year - so far - and my team got thumped.

Time for bed.