Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Today I worked on getting assignments done.

I finished off assignment 4 which deals with POV within AKL - 1000 words. Will be posted tomorrow.

Had a look at the next assignment for my screen play module. It needs to be six pages. The last one I did at five pages came from something I specifically wrote for that purpose - the kid in the shop buying condoms. When written in prose form, it came out at 6 pages and just over 1200 words. And yet when I converted it, it came out at 5 pages.

Tonight I began converting Idolatry into a screenplay. It stands at 16 pages and nearly 2500 words. After conversion, it's come out at 11 pages. too short for the final assignment and too long for any other assignment.

Not happy - big waste of an evening. My only saving grace is if I can add to it to make an additional four pages, but the story is told. Anything else would be padding, and padding in a script is not good.

Tomorrow I'm off to see the specialist surgeon for my back and leg pain issues. Hopefully I'll have all the possibilities laid out for me once I've spoken with him. I know most of them already but he may have something new for me. Having once been a nurse, I tend to be a little more forward with doctor's than other people. You can see a fear creep into some of their eyes when I talk to them. A case of "Oh shit. No baffling this guy with bullshit. He knows what we mean."

So wish me luck that between now and tomorrow, the world finds a cure for my ailments short of a truck to the knacker yard.

Speak later.



  1. All the luck in the world avoiding that knacker's truck. Most importantly, I hope you find an end to the pain.

    World verification: oldinglo

    I almost read "dingo" there...

  2. Hope the surgeon has good news for you. Chronic pain sucks. good luck with the assignments as well.

  3. Good luck with the doctor's visit and the assignment too.