Friday, April 17, 2009


I've managed to crit the first ten chapters of the manuscript I'm currently helping out with. This is my second read through and I do this one very slowly and carefully, considering voice setting and what the author is trying to convey - I then make any suggestions I think could help, correct typos, comment on environment and POV, and comment on any logic issues - keeping in mind the original brief from the writer.

So you can see it takes a lot longer the second time through. I read it for the first time yesterday and have already submitted the initial thoughts as a reader. Yes I can be anal while I try to be thorough.

I only managed to get through 10 chapters instead of 20 due to the onset of a major headache - the writer/reader/editors worst nightmare.

So I went and laid down to relax. Then dinner time came around, and then I got hooked on the movie IQ - I'm a sucker for anything with Meg Ryan in it - and then my family took over the study and the computer, so I read some of the latest Aurealis issue.

And that's all I've managed. True, I cleaned up out the back, done some washing, tidied the littlest ones room and changed all her bed clothes (including installing the electric blanket) in preparation for the coming colder weather, done the dishes, went and got Chinese for dinner, and fed the animals - but that's normal life everyone has to do above and beyond their writing.

I managed naff all actual writing and today is the last day of my week long holiday. A month ago I had visions of getting at least 5000 words done on AKL during this week. Instead I managed to do a revision on my Xmas antho piece, write a 1500 word article and add a little over 1300 words to AKL. Yes I wrote two reviews, and have read one manuscript and critiqued a quarter of it, but I still have two assignments to prepare at some point. What was that saying about best laid plans...

Life: it's that thing that gets in the way of my writing...

Tomorrow's a new day with endless possibilities, maybe I'll be able to snag one of them.

Time for a quick whip around the blogs before bed. Speak soon.



  1. Good luck with it all and have a great weekend.

  2. Sorry about the headache. ;) "All you've managed" is an awful lot.

  3. Hope the headaches gone soon! I remember when I was a kid, my mom didn't like it when we took painkillers (even over-the-counter). So now when I have pain, it rarely occurs to me to take anything.

  4. I originally did my back in 1995 and popped pills like candy. It was the only way to get through the day.

    Eventually the drugs began to have no effect so rather than up the dosage or switch to harder drugs - I stopped.

    Now I try to get over all pain without drugs. Much better way to be :c)