Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Today was a day full of agonising over a word or sentence, occasionally a paragraph.

The first draft of my 1000 word, untitled piece, hovered between 900 and 1015 words. I'd cut a bit, and then rewrite another bit and then contract two words, realise something should be hyphenated, scrap another bit and then expand another. I imagine it could be described very well as my piece was breathing, struggling to find the right rhythm it would need to survive in the real world. It's done. It's been sent to Pharo for grammar correction and premise/plot comments. It's different. We'll see.

I've also revised Digging Up The Past. This will be going out the door to a bunch of people shortly.

Unfortunately I didn't get around to polishing my assignment. I must do that tomorrow.

And that's it. That's all I did today in my writing endeavours. It took a long time to get my words in a place I was happy with, but it's done and time to move on. Assignment tomorrow and then back to AKL.


  1. "That's all I did today in my writing endeavours."

    Sounds like a lot to me.

  2. Dude, you work harder than I do on my best day! Reward yourself with something sweet. Assuming you like sweets. If not, grab a beer or something ; )

  3. Oh, is "that all". :op You're a machine!

    I know what you mean, though. Last night I spent a good few hours doing very slight revisions to a piece and finally submitting it. It feels like no "real" writing has been done but it's all part of the writing spectrum, I guess - in fact, some might say that agonising revision and proofreading are the most important parts.

    Keep on truckin'. :o)

  4. Don't beat yourself up. Although agonising over editing is unpleasant - I liken it to bleeding from the eyeballs.

  5. Tomorrow, I have to visit the surgeon for a final analysis on my back and leg issues and discuss my options. I'm not going to do any writing. It may be the only way to show you people I don't work as hard as you seem to think I do.

    Nat - I like sweet. Don't like beer. Bourbon if I'm going to drink at all.

    Flick, D - Here I have to admit to being a sicko. Once I've written something, I enjoy working on the revisions and watching the piece get better. By the time I get to version 7, I'm sick of it and just send - if it's not right by then, it probably won't be.