Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shock Horror

A newly compiled list for the Top 50 Australian Writing Blogs has been released. When it was first published, lots of people jumped up and down about not being included, or other blogs they thought should have gotten a nod, etc, etc. In short, Jonathan (hopefully I spelled his name right this time) did a huge amount of work - voluntarily - to provide, what he thought was a good list of Australian based writers who other writers could learn from or use as an excellent resource, and he got flamed for it from all sorts of quarters.

So he announced he would redo the list when the new page rankings came out. He requested everyone who had issues with the first list (and anyone else who wanted to), to send in all their nominations.

Apparently, he received a lot of suggestions. Lots of new sites were registered with Technorati and the other places where Jonathan collects his numbers from to compile his list. To me, it seemed some people were a little desperate to get on this list.

Me - I did nothing. I was stoked to be included on the first list at #23. If the big influx of interest caused me to drop off - so be it. I'm not in this for acclaim.

So the new list comes out and I've somehow manged to move up two spots on the list by doing nothing different. I haven't even found the time yet to check out, and possibly interact with, all of the other 49 people on the list. Some I already do, but not because of this list. I really must make the time to set this right one day.

So - it's a nice little boost to my ego. Thank you Jonathan.


  1. I noticed that I was number 9 on the list last time but I've slipped to 11 this time. Still a pretty good result though.

    I agree with BT - thanks Jonathan. I'm hoping to find some likeminded folks out there by clicking some of the links in Jonathan's list.

  2. I am always looking to add quality writers to my list of Blogs to Read. Congrats on your ranking.