Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Quick Update

We're going to go see 'Race to Witch Mountain" tomorrow.

Tonight I received Aaron Polson's manuscript and will devote some time to that over the next few days.

I also wrote another 1312 words to complete chapter 20 of AKL - bean counter will be added at the bottom of the post.

I wrote a travel article of just under 1500 words and submitted it to market. First real freelance thing I've submitted on spec so I'm a bit nervous about this one - fingers crossed.

Transcribed all my ramblings over the Easter weekend from my Dictaphone into three new documents - lots of interesting stuff.

Will update my Good Reads widgets once I've finished posting here with my new acquisitions.

I need to update some areas of the website as well.

It seems I'm paying for my last two weeks of doing naff all by suddenly being inundated with stuff (sorry Aaron) needing to be done yesterday.

Oh, before I forget - pop on over to Alex's blog where she has been continuing with her series on the elements of writing. Some really good advice. Her link can be found in my sidebar if you haven't already subscribed to her feed - and if you haven't, make sure you do now.

I've had no rejections and no acceptances recently. Still no word from Devil's food and no update from Apex on the short listed Dreaming, and nothing from Anne Cecil on the PARSEC contest.

In fact the only news I have had is that my two erotic stories in the UK published anthology "Mammoth Book of Erotic Confessions" is finely going into print next month. Here's the link to buy it on Amazon, although it hasn't actually hit the stores yet as far as I know - I haven't been paid yet at any rate.

That's my quick update. Here's the Bean Counter

Speak soon



  1. Have fun at the movies. Good luck with the inundation of 'stuff.' (now I'm just doing it to bother Aaron)

  2. And I piled on more "stuff". *sorry*

  3. I'm intrigued by erotic horror. I thought I had written some, then I read an anthology and realized I was a prude by comparison! ; )

  4. Fingers and toes crossed that you'll hear good news soon.

  5. The movie was okay. My little girl accused me of having read the book previous to our viewing when I picked the arrival of a train at an opportune moment - I didn't say anything after that.

    Nat - the two stories aren't horror erotica - just straight erotica, and they ain't timid. Unfortunately, it turns out they are supposed to be real, not made up by a writer, so my name isn't attached to them :c( I could always send out the originals if anyone doesn't want to buy the antho but still wants to read them.

    Thanks for the positive thoughts, D. Any news would be nice at the moment, although acceptances would obviously be preferred.