Sunday, April 26, 2009


Strange day today. I stayed up way too late last night/early hours of this morning watching Manchester United in the EPL - a stunning 5-2 win for those who don't watch soccer/football, to keep their title hopes alive. For anyone out there who does watch the EPL and is shaking their head at another Utd supporter jumping on the bandwagon - be assured, I've followed the team since 1973. A Johnny-come-lately I definitely am not.

Anyway - I stayed up late and then slept away the morning resulting in me accomplishing nothing. My Australian Rules Football team, the Adelaide Crows, played this afternoon so I watched them just hold off Melbourne for a win (not a good game to watch, but a win's a win). So I got nothing done this afternoon either.

Finally I sat down at the computer and passed some comments on a friend's flash contest piece for a time constrained competition. I then updated the website (well over due), and began reading Aurealis.

I got the website done, and a little over halfway through Aurealis when the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix started. Shock, horror, Ferrari managed to score some points this week. They're still a long way from where they should be, but at least we've broken the duck. Onto Europe.

So - I haven't sent in my two AHWA contest entries, found something to use as a six page script, or finished reading Aurealis - smack my wrist.

Tomorrow I have a lot of reading to do at work - for work! I start a big upgrade project tomorrow so my writing time there will be pretty much nada. :c(

So not a lot of success to report today, at least not on the personal writing front. But then, no rejections in my inbox either...touch wood.

Writing time, after work, will become more precious for the next few weeks so I need to attain my goals. Tomorrow night I must finish Aurealis, I must submit my contest entries, and I must find something for my six page script. If I can get them done, then I can look at doing some more on AKL, and on my Christmas antho piece, which is close to completion and still doesn't have a title.

Lots to do as always.

How guilty do you feel when you don't reach a days writing goals? What do you do to celebrate if you do reach them?

Speak soon



  1. I set my goals pretty low most days. I usually celebrate with a drink or a little television. On days I don't get anything done, I usually end up watching t.v. and feeling guilty about it.

  2. I don't set my goals too high either, that way I don't beat myself up too much if I don't meet them. In saying that though, I think I need to aim higher. Am finally sending off my AHWA Comp entries today.

  3. Mine will be going off tonight - good luck.

  4. Usually I just feel guilty and then go eat something. I have also been known to withhold yaoi and Korean Boy Band cds, to teach myself a lesson.

    When I've been very good, I treat myself to something nice. LIke a Korean trot cd : )