Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back In The Saddle Once More

Sorry about my whinge yesterday - a necessary venting, but I'm over it and moving forward.

Unfortunately my little girl is sick again, her sore throat/tonsillitis looked to be clearing up but seems to have become more overnight. This morning she lost her voice - day after tomorrow, we go on holiday.

Give a shit about getting a knock back on a story when my little one is facing a terrible holiday ahead if she can't kick this thing to the curb in a hurry. Kind of puts thing back into better perspective.

So today I'm sitting at home again. I've managed to update the market information for AHWA so if you're a member, go have a look. A couple of markets have died and I've added a couple of new ones. For everyone else, Byzarium and From the Asylum has gone under, and Bards & Sages Quarterly, and Hub are worth a look. I hadn't realised Hub had increased their payment by so much - very much worth it when you take the conversion rate into account. Unfortunately they are closed for subs right now, but you should sub once they reopen.

I revised Wamphyri once more, cutting 20 or so words to just tighten it up a little. I actually cut a lot more but I rewrote other bits to end up with an overall reduction of only 21 words. This has now gone back out to market.

I'm two-thirds of the way through my current book and have finished rebuilding the other family computer. I now wait for the garage to phone to tell me my car has been serviced and is ready for me to go driving long distance in.

Time to go watch a flick, and then go get the car. I'm hoping I find some time tonight to revise my new, currently untitled, story for the Christmas antho Festive Fear.

Next week will be AKL and maybe a couple of assignments. If getting back from the site AKL took place doesn't inspire me to get a good deal of it done, then maybe I need a new project.

Speak soon



  1. Just read your previous post then. Totally understandable to react that way. Perhaps that's why I've held off subbing some of my own stuff...

    I might have to check out your markets then; I haven't actually explored that part of the site.

    Hope your little one gets better and you have a good break.

  2. I hope your little girl gets better soon. There's nothing worse than being sick on hols.

  3. Hope your little one feels better, really quickly at that. Have a nice holiday.

    I have a good feeling about Wamphyri.

  4. Speedy recovery to the little one, and enjoy the holiday.

  5. Thanks guys - wishes have been passed on and she now thinks she's the centre of the world - at least it's brought a smile to her face.

    Bring on the holidays!