Thursday, April 16, 2009

Busy Day

I wrote up the two reviews of the books I read over Easter and posted them on GoodReads. Others have already posted reviews of them on HorrorScope so I figured I didn't need to add to them. If you haven't yet, you should all go and join GoodReads. You'll get cool widgets to display your book collections and be able to read heaps of reviews - by me and others.

I took my little one to see "Race to Witch Mountain" which was okay for a kids flick. My little one seemed to enjoy it and at least the lad from High School Musical wasn't in it.

Then I came home and started reading a YA manuscript for a friend. First thoughts have been sent back and I'll get to the line edits tomorrow. I probably won't be finished with it till some time over the weekend.

I did a revision on my Christmas antho piece (now titled Spoilt Rotten) and sent that out to the same friend so they could have the honour of ripping it apart first. When returned, I'll do a revision and then send to my other beta readers - stay tuned.

My sister dropped by to borrow another book from my growing collection and return Alex Sokoloff's "The Harrowing" - which she agreed was a very good book. I'll be posting my review of it on HorrorScope shortly so keep an eye out for that as well.

My back and legs are hurting a bit tonight, so I don't think I'll accomplish anymore on the writing front today. Chapters 21 to 24 encompass the midpoint climax in AKL and a ramping up of the pace which increases all the way to the end of the book, but 21 in particular is the main character's major turning point. It's here they realise the bigger importance of their inner desire as opposed to the external want. If, and it's a big if, I can get out of bed at a reasonable hour, I'll have a go at writing it tomorrow, before going over an assignment, and then resuming editorial work on the YA manuscript. Might even break all that up with a spot of reading...

Still no news from the market place :(

Here's hoping life is being good to you.



  1. No news this week from any editors here either. I think they are all on holiday.

    BTW- love the title of the Antho piece- Spoilt Rotten. It brings to mind all sorts of nasty things.

  2. So I take it you won't be seeing "17 Again" ?

  3. When Monsters vs. Aliens comes out over your way (assuming it hasn't already), your kids might like it. It was a lot better than I expected. I didn't see it in 3D, though. I hate 3D movies.

    I love the title "Spoilt Rotten" too!

    Word verification: novola. Novella?

  4. I saw your reviews on GoodReads. Man, I love that site.

    And I like your title too, Spoilt Rotten.

  5. Glad everyone likes the title - I have a couple of things to tweak and it'll be winging its way out to the beta readers.

    I won't be watching 17 Again in this life time. I've seen some of the shorts for MvA and wasn't overly keen - think I'd rather see Ice Age 3 or Planet 51 - they looked cool.