Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Review Scale

It's done. On the side bar, just under the picture of whatever book I'm reading, you'll find a link to my review scale as hosted on my website. It has its own page and lists off all the novels and anthologies I've read since I started this review capper.

I've also broken down all the marks so you can see where everything sits in relation to each other. My scale of a simple 0-6 is now offset by varying degress because books I really liked and marked as a 4, were liked to different degrees and for different reasons, and so they needed to be slightly differentiated. Go see - I think it's pretty straight forward to figure out.

If you have a dispute or comments or suggestions - please feel free.


  1. I like your descriptions of each level on the scale-- it's very intuitive and kind of how I do my GoodReads reviews... except that, of course, they only have five stars available. A handy link to have over there for us!

  2. Excellent - glad you like.

    What I now want to see, is a few people read the same books and see how close my opinion is to theirs. I'm more than happy to discuss things. If a good enough debate can be raised, I can even be swayed, but it would need to be one hell of a debate.