Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Productive Evening

It's been a good evening. Only a sale would have finished it off better--still the night isn't over yet.

Firstly my semester grades improved and now I've finished the outline for Newland. The whole outline. I've mentioned before the intertwining timeline idea, well it works. I've done the relatively rough outline of the 46 chapters (approximately 90,000+ words) from both the past and the near future. I can lay in little things that tie them together. I can place very subtle clues that won't become obvious until much later. Some things may be a little too obvious at the moment but a big one wasn't obvious to me until two chapters from the end and then it all suddenly made sense--gotta love it when that happens. If I didn't know then the reader will have no chance. An inkling maybe, but nothing anywhere near the vicinity of confirmation until way near the end. Even have a big final scene in my head.

And I managed to get it all out of my head before tonight's AHWA chat session begins. Big lineup tonight of Australian publishers to let us writers in on the inside gossip. I'll post a link of the transcript when it becomes available. If you are in anyway connected with Australian horror writing, even if you've only sent something to an Australian based market, you owe it to yourself to become a member of AHWA and enjoy the benefits. The dark side is definitely on the rise and Australian writers will be very much on the crest of that wave when the rest of the world finally takes note. Do yourself a favour and get on the inside track--join AHWA today.

Speak to you later.


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