Thursday, July 31, 2008


I've done a couple of big critiques this afternoon. The boss went early and I needed to stay at work anyway so I figured I'd do something I preferred rather than the documentation I need to catch up on for work.

So, I did a big and fairly harsh crit on the moderator's posted piece. They keep telling me they prefer my honest approach so that's what they got.

I did a full revision for another writer who may or may not be as happy that I took the red pen to their work with such gusto.

I got more reading done last night and have finally passed the halfway mark in the Books of Blood. It is taking me forever to get through this book because I keep getting side tracked. Lots of reading coming up so I need to get back into the habit.

Was in contact with my editor from SA50s+ this morning. The second issue will be on its way too me as we speak so I can then send off my assignments to Mr Stone.

Lots of work coming up. I just need to prioritise and remember I have a life outside of words.

Good luck with your words and with everything else you do.


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