Friday, July 25, 2008

Been Slow

You don't know how much you use the Internet until you are restricted or lose access all together.

We are trying to limit our access at home at the moment due to a miscalculation that has made us run over our monthly limit. It can become very expensive if we use too much over the allocation. So I've been trying to do my blogging and research during breaks at work. Today, our Internet connection went down at work.

On the positive side, I got stuck into some work I'd been putting off or waiting for others to do. I even did some work my junior was supposed to do as part of his learning but he has been a little on the slow side. So now I've cut the next weeks work requirements almost in half.

But writing has been very slow this week and research for my articles has been non-existent.

Tomorrow we're going on a research trip so that will be fun except it is supposed to be colder than a polar bears esky. (Esky: An Aussie name for a drinks cooler).

Still, the time of year coincides with my story so the weather should be inspiring.

A friend lent me Stephen King's Thinner to watch which I'm hoping will be good to watch. I've read no reviews so I'm going into this one with an open mind.

I'm investigating my grading for Module 2 in Semester 1. By my reckoning I gained 5 grades of B- or better and 3 C's. According to the assessment guidelines, that equals a Credit pass. I recently received my official grading which gave me a standard pass. As Mr Stone has said to me in the past, a pass is a pass, but that's not the point when I should have gotten a Credit. Maybe I marked off the grades incorrectly but I don't think so. I'll be carefully going through them tonight.

Have a great weekend and stay warm if you happen to be anywhere near here.


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