Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rejections Aplenty

And so they start rolling in.

I've added a new widget to the sidebar titled "Rejections V Acceptances" to show a running tally. It's not very inspirational reading at the moment. Especially when you consider I sold three of the first five pieces I wrote. My hit frequency has declined dramatically although the rejections are becoming nicer.

I also figured I'd start sharing the comments from the rejection slips. So here goes:

Story title: Winged Shepherd of Innocence
Market: Mindflights
Status: Rejected

"To me this had more of a horror feel than a scifi/fantasy feel. I think it might be a better fit for Fear and Trembling."

Next step: Needless to say I'll be doing a couple of suggested edits and resubmitting to Fear and Trembling, Mindflights sister mag. (This piece has now been resubmitted)

Story title: Senses End
Market: Necrotic Tissue
Status: Rejected

"You have written a very nicely dark death scene, unfortunately, we are looking more story development vs a single scene. We hope you find a market for your writing. Good luck, break a lead."

Next step: This piece is only a drabble, i.e. 100 words long, so markets are difficult to find. I think this one will go back on hold till something else crops up.

So there you have rejections number 31 & 32. Winged Shepherd will go straight back out the door once the small edits have been made that were suggested by the editor that I believe will make the piece more marketable.

Listen to what editors suggest but don't sell your soul to them. Consider their suggestions, if reasonable then go ahead with them, if you think it alters your work to a level you're not happy with, try a different market. If a number of editors/readers/crit group members are saying similar things - it is time to listen and make the suggested changes.

Good luck with your submissions.


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