Thursday, July 24, 2008

Downward Spirals Increasing

No rejections today, well there weren't any this morning when I checked my email. Wouldn't surprise me if there was a bunch of them when I get home. Life's just been like that today.

Nothing worse than low points in the writing cycle. They can come and go in an instant, the down time quickly dispersed by an acceptance or a new project or simply from encouragement from the right quarters--no I'm not fishing.

That cycle can last a while though if nothing pops up to break it. Add stress on the personal and job fronts, and life is pretty much on a downward trend all round right now.

I could be writing this just because I'm a little miffed with some people at the moment, but writing helps me relax and can make me focus so it's a good thing.

My eldest daughter has issues which is causing friction between my wife and I; my mother has issues which will be causing friction between her neighbour and I; and work is simply not being done by my junior colleague which speaks of its own friction. Today is payday and the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) decided to eat some of my money. So now there may be friction between me and the bank if they don't reimburse me. Been a wonderful day!

I edited the first scene of Wamphyri last night and I don't know if I like it. It doesn't quite read the way I see it in my head, which is disappointing. I think I'll have to write it out again from scratch.

I'm going to do another research trip this weekend. Hopefully that will be the impetus I need to move forward from my current holding station of a single scene from the end of chapter 3.

I could possibly gain enough information this weekend to get me over the humps of chapters 3, 4 & possibly 5. 6-14 were written in my head a long time ago. Then I should be able to write another bunch of chapters for the intertwining part of the story. A spell of editing to put them together and up to TPN and The Teacher it shall go. Fingers crossed, I'll be able to use it for my elective module for next year as well.

Okay, I feel a better now I've vented a little to mainly faceless individuals who flock to read my ramblings--that means you :)

Here's hoping everything is warm and sunny in your part of the world and in your writing.


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