Friday, July 11, 2008

Assignments Done

Semester 2 is off with a bang.

For the remainder of this year, I'm doing "Writing Fiction 1 (The short story)" which will now be referred to as Module 1, and "Writing Articles for Publication 1", now to be called Module 2.

Tonight I've knocked off the first three assignments in Module 1 and the first assignment in Module 2. All assignments will go out the door for Module 1 on Tuesday. Monday I have a research trip planned so I won't have time. The first assignment isn't due till the week after next at the earliest, I think. The new lecturer Mr John Griffin should be in for a surprise when first day on the job, he receives the first three assignments from me. Of course, if I'm going down the wrong street, then I'll be behind by a long way as I resubmit them all - positive thinking required here--I won't be resubmitting!

I can't post assignment 1 for Module 2 yet. My old favourite lecturer Mr Jonathon Stone is running this module and has requested I send in copies of my articles for SA50s+ to show the class. Somewhat embarrassing being held up as an example but I can't really say no. Last thing I want is to put him fully offside. We have enough "misunderstandings" as it is.

Speaking of articles: I was under the incorrect assumption that issue #2 of SA50s+ would be already on the streets by now. Apparently not as an email tonight from my overworked and underpaid editor has revealed. Still another 10 days till release. The assignment is due end of the first week in August so I still have time. I'll probably have a few more to go with it by the as well. On top of all that, the editor has given me the green light to do an additional two articles for the next issue.

I did the full back page in the first issue - the only staff member to gain a full page without any advertising. This next issue will have an editorial on the front page by me. The third issue will have three articles by me. Now if I could only find a paying gig like this???

The green light to do the additional articles also means it will work with Module 2. I can actually create the articles as I do the assignments and know they are going to be accepted into a real market. Life is good.

Now if I can just make a fiction sale, life would be brilliant.

I hope things are going as well for you in your writing.

Speak to you later.


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