Thursday, July 10, 2008

Market News

Tonight I worked on the market lists as promised. I need to get 50 markets solely targeted at horror/dark fiction and a similar amount of SpecFic markets that include acceptances of horror/dark fiction.

It's way past my normal cut off time and I've come to the end of my current research tools. I have 48 of each market. The SpecFic markets will be easy to get to 50. Choosing the correct markets to make the horror/dark fiction side up to 50 is another story and I'm too tired to worry about it now.

I promised to do some reading tonight and never got there--again :( I did however increase the pile of books I have waiting for me. I purchased two books to help me with research on Newland and my sister gave me 4 new horror titles including two recent Stephen King books.

I spoke with the tax agent and gained some valuable insight into what I can and can't do as a professional writer. First things first - tomorrow I'll be applying for an ABN. If you're an Australian based writer and you send work into the markets hoping for a sale, you really should do this and you really should talk with a tax agent on what you can and can't claim. At the moment, I've been told to keep all my receipts over the next 12 months and just present them in total to her. My tax agent will then go through the lot on exactly what I can and can't claim. There's a surprising amount you can.

Right, that's it from me for tonight--time for bed.

Good luck with every word you write and every baby you submit.


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