Friday, July 18, 2008

And Then Paranoia Set In

I'm not going to close this post till I've finished all my blog reading. This is the third blog in a row I've read that is offering advice, and good advice to new writers. Pub Rants happens to be one of my favourite blogs for a few reasons:

1. Gives great advice to writers
2. Is advice given from a successful, practicing agent
3. Kristen blogs often and regularly

Like I've already mentioned tonight, I'm behind on my reading so in the case of Pub Rants (short for Publishing Rants) I've missed a few posts because she blogs so often. This week she has been listing a whole heap of advice on do's and don'ts. Go read...

Here's another article (I found through Speakeasy) that you should read.

Here's a site dedicated to saving the short story - something close to all our hearts. Again this was found through Speakeasy, my second favourite blog to visit and read. And I agree, time we set up something like this in Australia.

Okay, I've caught up on my online reading and have no further blogs to point you to. This will be five posts in a single day. Definitely don't get used to this much activity.

Tomorrow is my rest day and Sunday I have to finish a review of Black magazine I started today. I've also got to do a few critiques for TPN members. I've posted the first half of the latest version of Grimoire onto the group. I don't think many will like it but I'm pretty happy with it. We'll see if they pickup anything I've missed.

That's it from me for today.

Speak to you next week.


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