Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More Submissions

I've just sent out two more pieces: Senses End & System Failure.

That concludes the submission of all the pieces of dark fiction I've currently written. Nine pieces out in the marketplace.

Fingers crossed they will all find a home, sooner rather than later.

I'll now be working on Wamphyri and Newland in addition to my other diploma assignments. This will mean I'll have precious little to post on TPN for others to critique as I don't want to pull out some of the other shorts I have sitting around. I've notified the moderator and now await their decision.

I've put three books on hold that will be excellent resources for research into Newland. I'll be looking at purchasing those tomorrow. Very much looking forward to the day trip to do additional research this coming weekend.

Things begin to become a little less hectic and a little more organised. Maybe we can move forward a little more.

Good luck with your writing and with your submissions.


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