Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Piece In Place

Okay, TPN has been organised. I've had a chat with the moderator and organised how I am to proceed. Some work was never posted for the "final" time as promised - my memory again, so I'll be working my way through that. By the time the four or so stories cycle through at one a fortnight, then I should have a first draft of “Wamphyri” ready for them to have a look at--maybe even a chapter or two of Newland I'm ready to share.

This is good. It's also important to be up front with people and organisations you're involved with. A little bit of honest communication saves so much angst in the long run. Of course, a little bit of "common sense" spread among those we deal with would be nice too, but we can't have everything. I refer to those I work with in my real job here, particularly the management side of it but as long as they keep paying me, what do I care if they can't organise a pissup in a brewery.

Enough impromptu venting...

I have an appointment with a tax agent this afternoon. I'm going to find out about setting myself up as a professional writer and everything I need to know on the taxation side of it. After that, the better half and I will be going to a book collectors shop. They have the three books I want for research purposes for Newlands. $47 but the email cryptically said they didn't have anything classed as a reading copy. I'll be interested to see what that means.

Today I'm going to do a little more work on the market list side of things. I've been a little slack on that for the last few days. And I need to do some more reading.

Speak to you all a little later.

Good luck with your writing.


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