Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I've been dithering around with Tigers Eye and trying to let Voodoo write itself. In the background, I've been tidying up my batch of shorts and diligently doing my assignments. I've had very little enjoyment out of my writing in recent memory.

On a post-it note attached to my desk is an idea I've had since Easter. I wasn't sure if it was a short, novella or novel size idea. Tonight I sat down and wrote the first bit out. 1468 words. I'm guessing it's not a short at this point in time. I have half an idea to mix it up between two time lines which would make it two novellas, which tie in together to form the alternating chapters of a novel.

The working title is "Newland" after the historical figure that inspired me and the environment in which it's set. This will be a piece of historical fiction, inspired by true events but not about true events. And it will be dark, at least it will look at the darker side of human nature.

Just for a change (and it's the way it came out), my main character will be a 17 year old girl. As you can imagine, I have a lot of research to do to get somewhere need accurate. Today, I turned up all sorts of useful information. I've also read a lot on the time, the setting and the socio-political eddies of the period.

It's an interesting idea and one I can actually go to the real scene and delve into the history. I can go and do some onsite research to make it that much more authentic, to fold the nuance of the places into my story. How cool is that!

So I've finished the current list of things that have side-tracked me from writing. It's cold, wet and windy outside. What could be more pleasant than spending a few hours reading or writing?

Apart from a sale, but then that's not in my hands.

I may let the first part of Newland sit tomorrow and do my crit work on System Failure. The sooner that's polished, the sooner it goes out the door. Next week i need to start doing final drafts of my assignments and begin sending them off again.

Tonight I'm reading, possibly watching a movie and enjoying some quality time with my wife.

Good luck with your writing


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