Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Catching up

I've knocked off another critique for another member of TPN. I'm pretty sure I've won no friends with this crit.

It was honest, which was to say the work presented wasn't the best although I'm aware the author is capable of better. I pointed out the short falls in plot and logic and made suggestions on possible improvements.

Let's hope I haven't offended the member with my critique.

It must always be remembered that writers groups come together, or should come together, in a mutual understanding of trying to help each other learn and grow in the use of the craft. It is not a forum for building egos. If you desperately want people to say only nice things about your work all the time, then joining a serious crit group is not the place for you.


This is scary. Here I am having completed this post and figured I'd go read some of my preferred feeds. I've gone through a few of them and hit on this post from J A Konrath over at A Newbie's Guide To Publishing. It's all about the giving and receiving of advice. Is this a case of brilliant minds or fools never differ????


I try to help my crit group members grow. I also try to help Amy, aka The Teacher, to grow. I have received feedback over time that I am pretty good with helping writers improve their work. Not all my suggestions are taken up each time and sometimes I can see why and others, it's the authors choice. But overall, my views shed new light onto a piece that the author may not have been able to see or hadn't considered. I'm fairly proud of my ability to judge another person's work and my efforts at trying to help them improve it.

If only I could look at my own work so critically. I'm guessing it will come eventually. Just need to keep working it at. Writers will always need others to look at their work before market submission. Whether that's beta readers, a critique group or a trusted colleague, is up to you and dependent upon what level your writing is at.

Even Stephen King still has people he trusts the opinion of read his manuscripts before sending them to his editors.

Learn -> practise -> implement -> feedback -> grow. Rinse and repeat.

Above all else, keep writing.

Good Luck

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