Friday, July 18, 2008

Murder by 4

Must be the night every blogger out there that has anything to do with writing has decided to offer advice.

Here's another piece of good advice.

Seems strange but probably obvious. All these sages comment on "When I first started I hungrily gathered all the knowledge I could..."

Now that just sounds like someone is reading off of my life memoirs. I'm sure it sounds just like yours too. But the thing is, all writers start at the same point--wanting to write. Some have different tools when they begin, some gain additional tools quicker than others, some may stubbornly refuse to try new tools believing their method will one day be recognised as the best. In the end most, definitely not all, will end up with very similar tools and all of those will be able to churn out stories that are can sell. None will be the same. Similar, maybe, but never the same. New writers just need to persevere and work hard at growing in the craft. We will all get there one day.

It may not be the destination with multiple zeros attached to the check, but then you're doing it for the wrong reason anyway if that's what you're after.

Back to reading.

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