Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Module 1, Assignment 1 Resubmitted

It seems the beginning of every semester, I need to resub at least the first one or two assignments due to me misunderstanding something or because I simply got something wrong.

It's a fact of life I'm reluctantly getting used to. This time around, I'm wrestling with the formatting of a screenplay. 5.4cm here, 3.4cm here and there, space here but not there, don't this and you can do that, but only if you do it this way. I've spent the last two years training myself to use 12pnt font and double space with wide page margins, and now I have to learn something else. Ain't life wonderful?

The good part is I resubmitted this assignment electronically. No more stamps. Ultra cool. Here's hoping the responses are just as quick.

Still haven't heard back about assignment 1 for module 2 - the one about my novel (Newland).

I'll admit to being a little nervous. I'm halfway through chapter 16. Imagine if my lecturer comes back and says something like - I don't feel your idea has merit. That would be somewhat crushing.

Writing time is becoming tight again and I didn't help things by not writing tonight. I took time out to help my wife with her jigsaw puzzle. We used to do a bit every few days, but it has been sadly neglected for the last week or two. On top of that, I rejigged my assignment for resubmission. Work has been busy with actual work so I haven't been able to write there either (how rude!). And now slush reading and book reviews are starting to roll in meaning I need to up my reading time again.

Cricket season is nearly over which will allow me some extra time to catchup and I've booked some time off on either side of the Easter long weekend. I can see the next couple of weeks being busy and therefore my writing goals falling behind. It's going to take a huge effort on my part over my holidays to get it all back under control.

We shall see.

Thanks to Jamie for the Mythbusters clip - very gruesome and ultra cool. Check the comments on the previous post if you'd like to go see.

Before I go, just a heads up: Alex has posted a new writing tip titled Character Introductions with her usual great examples and tips. I'll add the link to the rest of Alex's stuff when I get a chance. Go check it out.

Happy reading, writing, and submitting.


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