Sunday, February 15, 2009

Week 7

If you don't count the first half week of 2009 today marks the beginning of week 7 of this year. I have to start working this way to figure out how I'm getting along with my word goals.

Today I knocked off chapter 13 in Newland. things have flowed nicely and my main character has now been kidnapped on time. terrible things are about to happen in chapter 14 and being the twisted individual I am, I'm looking forward to writing about them.

So last week I was 1358 words short. Today I've written 2617 words, leaving me 3633 words required for the rest of the week as a minimum. If I can get another two chapters done, that should see me back in front and on track.

I also took time out to critique a friends 5000 word story today. It's been busy.

Also this week I have another assignment to do and I need to start reading again. As there are only two weeks left in February, I need to read the latest issue of the magazine I slush for so I'm ready for another round of gem fossicking come March, so "The Haunting of Hill House" and the magazine will be all I get through this month.

And now for the latest installment of Mr Bean Counter:


  1. You really have been busy. I don't do word count goals, but I do keep count of the words I've written.

    Mr. Bean Counter is cute.

  2. I don't normally have a word count goal, but I do have a deadline I'd like to finish this first draft by. Breaking the time up between now and that deadline gives me the word counts I need to achieve to reach it. It's fairly tight.

    Ordinarily I'm very much like you - I only keep track of the words I've written, on a spread sheet, just for my own amusement.