Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Another Slow Day

Something I ate hasn't agreed with me leaving me with headaches and a somewhat unstable stomach - not nice.

So not much writing done today.

From the feed list I've found a few things of interest:

Thoughts on writing a synopsis from the BookEnd Literary Agency. You'd think an agent type of person should know what agents want so this may be worth a look. I've also added this link to "The Global Classroom" links in the sidebar.

If you have a piece just returned or just ready to go out, this anthology from Comet Press may be worth a look. Strangely it has been listed on Duotrope as a new market and yet has a submission closed date of the end of February. Not long. I haven't checked it out - because I'm sick and couldn't really be bothered at the moment, so make sure you do before sending anything.

Sick of hearing about the New Kindle 2.0? While on my death bed I watched a segment on "Attack of the Show" which did a big trial on it. They recommend to wait till Xmas before purchasing for a couple of reasons. It'll be cheaper, and there may be other things on the market which combine multiple tasks and still has a good e-reader built in. This screams to me that the Kindle, and e-readers in general, still have a long way to go. (Although this post by Nathan Bransford makes a good case for Kindles competitor over at Sony)

If you haven't been keeping up with things, you can read all the posted stories in the 52 Stitches Anthology here. These are very short, and very cool snipits. Felicity's story is up this week. It's a must read for men so you know the cat is out of the bag, and a must read for women so you know the pain and anguish men go through from time to time.

I've been talking about editing recently so I thought this was timely - and funny.

If you haven't had a chance yet, head on over to The Blood-Red Pencil, and check out the posts. Not everything that goes up there is great, or detailed enough, but sometimes there are some good reminders - like the current series being posted by Helen Ginger. Subscribe to the feed as there is no such thing as too much information.

And just so you know miracles still happen to writers in this economic downturn, read this entry over at Rob Hood's Undead Backbrain.

So there you go - a long post with little or no input from me, and yet full of interesting and educational information.

I'm going back to bed.


  1. hope you get to feeling better. Being sick sucks.

  2. I didn't even know there was an old kindle *lol* I'm behind the times.

  3. Lordy, child, for someone on her death bed, you did a long post. Thank you for including my Editing series on The Blood-Red Pencil. Now go to bed. Drink OJ. Sleep.

    Helen Ginger

  4. It was only a 24 hour thing - feel much better now.

    Thanks for dropping by Helen - and by the way - I am definitely 100% male - just ask my wife ;c)

  5. Good to hear you're feeling better now :)