Monday, February 16, 2009

Straight To The Classroom

While doing my feed reading this morning, I stumbled across a new blog. I can't give credit to the blog I found it on as I opened the link in a new window and then forgot to check it until sometime later. I've since closed all my feeds so I'm not sure where I found the link and I couldn't be bothered, while I'm at work, looking for it. So thank you to whoever sent me over there. Feel free to jump up and down in the comments section and make yourself known.

So while I wanted to share this great resource with everyone, I figured I may as well throw up a couple of other links aspiring writers and unpublished authors should know about. So go have a read of all of these:

Alan Rinzler's Blog is full of information, advice and wonderful stories about the industry. Everything you need to know as a writer about what happens behind the scenes, tips on catching the eye of the editors and publishers, even advice on how to improve your advance offer. I linked to the home page because you should go and read all of the posts.

Stuart Neville's Blog tracks his journey in getting published. Like many of us, Neville began this blog as an unpublished writer in 2006 and posts regularly on how he's gotten to where he is today. His path may be a little different, maybe a little faster, but he's where we all want to be, so read this blog from the beginning and work your way to the here and now.

Alexandra Sokoloff's Blog: for regular visitors here, you all know how much I think of Alex's advice. I would go so far as to say I've learned more from this one blog than I have from any other, although I will now be an avid reader of Alan Rinzler's blog as well. If all new writers followed these two blogs to start with, there would be a lot less people ripped off in this industry and they would all be better writers to boot.

Do yourself a favour, set some time aside and catchup on these three blogs - outstanding!

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