Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Asssignment 1 For 2009 Done

I've written an introduction of myself to my new lecturer focusing on my development as a writer, and tuned Wake-up Call into a two minute play.

Total word count = 444

For anyone interested, I've also posted my latest non-winning effort from the Cafe Doom Flash Challenge onto my examples page. Go here to have a read.

Last night I continued to read the course book for module 1. It's 244 pages long and full of examples. It's like watching grass grow. For a change up, I also began reading the course book for module 2 - my elective titled "Writing Fiction 2 - The Novel". This book is only 117 pages long. Much better.

Today I'll be doing some research into my idea for the PARSEC competition to see if it pans out. PARSEC prefer stories which have an uplifting theme and/or ending. Not exactly what I'm used to, but we'll see what I can come up with.

Lunch time.


  1. Yeah, I guess I'm a bit of a cynic too. I can't really do happy endings because they never seem believable.

    Congrats on getting the assignment done.

  2. I looked at it a different way today - almost any ending can be a happy one depending on the slant you put on it and whose point of view your looking at it with.

  3. good to keep writing a sounds great. I tried poetry and spent whole weeks thinking over a few lines. Writing taxes your mind.
    I love sci-fi writing and have a novel called Doom Of The Shem.
    This novel is a science fiction story that uses a military theme to bring out a gritty futuristic war chronicle, it is easy to read. I have created a small mini environment and it grows on readers as the situation deepens. I think any person who likes science fiction writing and the whole alien species who clash will enjoy this book. It is an in depth view of war with many hand to tentacle fight scenes and various comical twists here and there through the plot which help to develop the characters and their personalities.