Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chapter 14 Finished

I've managed to get home from cricket training and get some time on the computer. Instead of browsing through websites and blogs, and answering emails, I sat down and opened chapter 14 of Newland, and my plot outline, and just continued writing.

I added a further 852 words bringing this weeks total to 5526 words - with one day of writing still to go!

In other news:

My copy of "Tainted: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural" arrived today. Thanks heaps, Aaron, although I was a little disappointed you hadn't signed it. Still, it has now joined the ranks of many others on my "to-read" shelf.

I'd post a picture of my shelf, but my digital camera seems to be broken. Got to love living with kids who have no interest in caring for something they have no vested interest in :c(

For some idea of what's floating around, have a look way down on my sidebar and you'll find three widgets: one for my "To B Reviewed" shelf; one for my "Currently reading" shelf (where the same book has been lounging for the last 4 months - it's been a tough slog to get through); and one for my "Reviewed" books. They're nice widgets - go have a look.

Still haven't had any feedback on my assignments. It could be due to everything changing over to e-learning, but you'd think they would send back what I'd sent in at the very least. I haven't sent in module 1, assignment 2 for this reason, as well as the issue with script formatting confusion between double space and single space.

I'm going to let Newland sit for the rest of tonight and see if I can find a market for Idolatry. This was written a little while ago now so it is a bit cliche - at least the characters are. I'll have a look over it. If it's salvageable, I'll send it to a non-paying market as a last ditched effort. If it doesn't hit, then maybe I'll send it over to Aaron for posting up on TLODS.


  1. I think I beat the crap out of someone with a cricket bat once. Unfortunately, it was from behind so it was never mentioned specifically.

  2. Here I spent a fun filled day going to a friends house to tear a wall apart and missed out on my opportunity to write today.

  3. Strangely enough, Nat, I had a gang of five or six idiots mistakenly think my boy had been in the wrong place at the wrong time and had some something very wrong. (He was there, but he didn't do what they were claiming). So they all arrived at my place ready to have a big fight. They didn't seem so keen when I met them out the front, although I was wishing I had my cricket bat on me at one point - very scary stuff.

    Jamie - destroying anything occasionally is good for the soul!