Thursday, February 12, 2009


It is now 13:44 - that would be 1:44 in the afternoon to those of you unable to work on a twenty four hour clock.

5 hours since I said I'd begin work on Newland.

It didn't start well. Just after 9:00 I was talked into a side trip to the work cafeteria. After discussions and morning drinks, I returned to begin at nearly 9:30. Nice way to start the day but terrible time wasting when you're trying to write.

From 9:30 to 12:00 I worked solidly with only two quick breaks to stretch my legs and have a quick nicotine injection. Yes, I smoke.

For the last two hours I've gone over what I've managed and finished off chapter 11 and the first Act climax. It's not the final version by a long shot. I have half an idea that I'd like the main character to get injured in this scene so it brings two other characters into conflict, but then I should be able to manage raising that conflict without it - we'll see.

So the end result: Today I've managed to write 2611 words in about 4 hours. That works out to be a dismal typing speed of around 10 or so words/minute. Last time I did any form of actual typing speed test, I was around the 30/minute mark - and that was some time ago. I'm sure I'm faster than that now.

Having to stop and consider how characters react to a situation slows things down, but I never thought it would be by that much.

Have you ever worked out your typing speed when simply typing and how it differs when you're working?

Anyway, so Act One is now in the can - or at least the first draft of it is, and I can move on to the meat and veg part of the story also known as Act Two.

Sex, blood, vengeance, jealousy, murder, rape, religion, determination, self-worth, racism, trials, superstition, and the supernatural come to play. And this has nothing to do with Salem, vampires, or the TV series Roots!

Now I know you're all hanging out to buy it. All in good time, grasshopper.

Good luck with whatever piece you're working on.

It's been a while since I've said this so I'll throw it out there just as a friendly reminder:

You can't get published if you don't submit your work to market. The worst an editor can say is no, and usually that's a no thank you. You have nothing to lose by putting your work out there to a reputable publication, and yet you have a great deal to gain in the way of feedback, growth in the craft, and publication. You may even get paid for it.

So go and submit your work somewhere today - after you've read the guidelines and correctly formatted your baby accordingly.

Good luck.

And just for the hell of it - I'll now add this little picture whenever I post a Newland update.

You can get your own here.

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