Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last Night

Last night - I did nothing!

I went home and acted very much like a potato and sat on the couch, and just ogled the box.

I didn't turn on the computer. I didn't check my email. I didn't read.

It was okay, but God I was bored.

I needed a day of boredom just to clean out the attic; clear some head space. I need to find a new ending for Dreaming, and I need to find a new chapter 16 for Newland.

Today I plan to redo my first assignment. It finally came back. It was a pass but 50% of the mark was based on the formatting and I got it more wrong than right, so it wasn't a great pass.

I also need to start work on the second assignment for Module 2.

Unfortunately I also have some real work to do in my day job. Things are busy.

Speak soon.



  1. A night off is good for the brain I say.

  2. I can barely walk around my attic : P Still, the show must go on! Then I'll take a break to be useless and catch up on reading. Woot!

  3. Only occasionally Danielle - do people shorten your name or does that upset you?

    Nat - reading is not useless. It is an important tool in helping a writer grow in the craft. But I know what you mean ;cP

  4. My friends call me Dan or D. You're welcome to call me either.

  5. A night off - I don't believe, I've experienced one of those all year. :)