Friday, February 13, 2009

Newland Chapter 12


I seem to forever be writing myself into more research. I'm 1958 words into Chapter 12. I now need to research what type of hats English doctors would have worn in the 1830's, the name of hymns sung at the time, and possible sermons of puritanical preachers of the era.

The sermon I've had a go at. I'm reserving judgement until the passage of time allows me to look at it objectively.

Does anybody know of an old hymn, which would be known to anyone who attends Catholic church services regularly. A fairly simple one, if such a one exists, would be appreciated. Yes, I'm a heathen.

Historical period costume. If anyone has particularly good resources in this area, I'd be ever so grateful.

Before I write myself into anymore corners tonight, I'll leave it at that.

So my goal of 6250 words for the week has fallen dismally short. My week is judged as being Sunday through to Friday night. During summer, writing on a Saturday is pretty much out of the question. Tomorrow it's out of the question anyway as it Valentine's day.

So - back to my total - I've managed 4892 words this week. 1358 words short. Not bad, but I need to make it up somewhere to reach my goal. I'll let the shorts sit this week. I have one assignment to do, and I want to read something. I read two books in January and haven't managed anything other than course reading this month. Need to fix that.

A quick squiz at the "to read" shelf and the winner is..."The Haunting of Hill House" by Shirley Jackson. It's a classic, and it's short. "The Omen" by David Seltzer will probably follow for similar reasons.

On a different note, I need to find another market for Idolatry which was knocked back from Three Lobed Burning Eye today.

So much to do, so little time.

Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow. I hope all the ladies get flowers and all the guys...well, you guys know what I mean.

Nearly forgot the bean man. Up to 28% - Whoo Hoo!


  1. All of the hymns I know were written in the 1850's and beyond so I can't help you much there.

    If you want a good read try "The Exorcist". It is a good tight read and much better than the movie.

  2. Oh yes, The Haunting of Hill House, a fine read. You should give We Have Always Lived in the Castle a go as well. (Also by Jackson)

    Nice progress on the book.

  3. 'Amazing Grace' is a beautiful hymn and certainly old enough.

  4. I've got my eyes on "Let the right one in." I'm cautious about translations, of course, but as long as it's not an Asian dialect they shouldn't much it up too badly.

  5. No writing on Valentine's Day? Even I got a few words in :P

    Best of luck catching up to your goals. You're still moving at a decent pace.

  6. Jamie - I got hold of The Exorcist the other day. Looking forward to that one.

    Aaron - have added it to my must get list.

    Cate - Excellent choice

    Nat - Is that a book or some strange hymn I haven't heard of?

    Ben - Valentine's Day consisted of junior cricket in the morning for my youngest, senior cricket in the afternoon for me and my lad, and quality time with the wife during the evening. Just no time.

    Glad you managed to get something done though.

  7. Ah, guess V Day being on a Saturday makes you doubly busy.

  8. Love The Haunting of Hill House. Hope you enjoy it. I also recommend We Have Always Lived in the Castle.