Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Thoughts

I've been holding back on posting anything about the bushfire's in Victoria for a couple of reasons.

This blog is supposed to be about my life as a writer, writing in general, writing dark fiction in particular, and everything that goes on in my life which effects my writing. I also haven't written about the fires because when the US election was on, I got sick to death of writing sites carrying on about the election and saying little or nothing about writing - I didn't want anybody saying similar things here.

So this will be my one and only post about the fires.

On the way home today, I heard on the radio that the fires had consumed over 400,000 hectares, 170+homes, countless businesses, livestock, and wildlife, and is expected to claim over 300 human lives.

It is the worst unnatural natural disaster in this countries history.

Australia is in a recession just like everywhere else and yet the population has banded together to give in times of need. Over 45 million dollars has been raised and more will continue to be raised in support of those who have lost everything.

I'm lucky enough not to know anybody directly affected, or to be directly touched by the tragedy - and yet the whole country feels a sense of loss and outrage.

Some of the fires which have been so destructive were deliberately lit. Being an arsonist is a disease and to my way of thinking deserves as much social compassion as a paedophile - that is, none what-so-ever.

I am not religious or a right-to-lifer. I'm not politically aligned with the left, right, or in between. By nature I'm an apathetic bastard who is happy to look after me and mine and expect everyone else to do the same. I can be self-centred and an insensitive arsehole.

Fuckers who light fires should have their soft bits burnt in public displays before being beheaded with a blunt axe. Paedophiles should be treated likewise. Men who abuse women deserve no better. Fathers who can't be stuffed paying for a few seconds of fun which ended up in a child may keep their heads but lose their bits and any control over their future finances. Stupid teenage drivers should lose a leg or an arm (they can have a choice), - I'm going off track a bit here.

I am so over the minority crapping on about how the weak need to be cared for and how we should all be treated fairly. I work under the same system as everyone else and have struggled for years to get to where I am. If I had to do it, why shouldn't everyone else.

People in Victoria need your help. The other day my wife was watching a program where a family who wasn't particularly well off, offered to donate their used baby furniture to the fire victims. They were told to sell it elsewhere and just send in the money. I'd have thought any donation would be useful to those who have lost everything. If the charities end up with extra stuff, they can sell it and use the money. I understand that the money is preferable due to the requirement to meet basic and immediate needs, but when people are doing it tough to begin with, surely any offer of help shouldn't be ignored. I'd hate to think how bad this family felt when they were told thanks, but no thanks.

If you can help in anyway, please do.

I've heard of people working a day for charity. They've worked their normal job and have donated what they earned to the fund. Afternoon tea at workplaces everywhere have raised heaps. Cake drives, sausage sizzles, car washes. Every little bit helps. Have a sickie if you want and donate the money you got paid for doing nothing to the fund - think of the writing you could get done and still feel good about helping out.

If there are any left Aaron Polson is selling a few extra copies of Tainted: Tales of Terror and the Supernatural. I've just placed my order. Get in quick before they're all gone.

You can go straight to The Australian Red Cross Services and click on the donate button. Every little bit helps.

Write about it on your website/blog/live journal/MySpace/Facebook/whatever...spread the word your fellow man needs a helping hand through no fault of his own.

Okay, that's it from me. This rant is over.

I thank you for your time and Victorians thank you for your generosity.


  1. Thanks for the rant and the donation; your book will be in the post today.

  2. I don't mind the occasional rant that doesn't stand around writing or the business. It shows us all a different side of the person behind the blog. Unfortunately, the American Media has put politics above all else and the wildfires your country are dealing with has become a footnote. It is one reason I don't watch the news much anymore.

  3. Weird that they wouldn't take the crib. I hope someone hears about the family and offers them loads for it.

  4. Thanks Aaron, great idea, and I'm sure those affected will be most appreciative of your efforts.

    Jamie - Occasionally I'll write about things not writing related but it tends to be mixed up with a post about my life as a writer. I don't tend to get on my soapbox about a single topic. As for who I am: as my mum would say (she's from Birmingham, UK), there's no side to him. What you see is what you get.

    I may have to do a post on this - maybe like a revealing centerfold - not a meme or whatever people are calling them.

    Nat - I just hope the family, and other not-so-well-off people, aren't put off from offering a helping hand in the future. The show was apparently quite rude about it. Like I said, my wife told me about this, I didn't actually see or hear it.