Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I've done a little house work since the semester has officially come to a close.

You may notice (especially as I'm now pointing it out), I've updated the links to my Bibliography, my Diploma Progress, and my Work In Progress pages. I've also added a new flash fiction piece to my Work Examples page.

I'm currently trying to write one piece of flash fiction a week at Cafe Doom. I imagine the first few (maybe all of them) will be a little rough so rather than subject my stumbling efforts on editors around the globe, I though I'd throw them up on My Examples page for you, and prosperity, to view at your leisure. Comments welcome. The first offering is "Spring BBQ" and again touched on my love for writing dark fiction involving children. If you have a weak stomach or don't like to think about situations not so nice involving kids - then look away now. No sex or actual violence in this one. The one I posted to Cafe Doom today however, is completely different. No kids, a little bit of nudity, implied sexual scenario, and a zombie. Makes the mind boggle doesn't it? I'll post that one to the examples page next week.

You may also notice - although these things are way down on the sidebar - a new book has been added to my current reading for review list. It is "Envy the Night" by Michael Koryta (a very young and intense looking fellow). I'm reading this for Black magazine. The review will be out in January, with a full review to be posted on HorrorScope in February.

With Newland - I'm still working with the structure and will be for a little while yet. Storyboarding points out all sorts of downfalls and thin sections within your planned book. It makes a lot more work prior to the actual writing, but writing should then be so much easier when I get to it.

Lots of people are putting up reports of the previous month so I figured I'd join in on the fun.
So, what happened in November? (ala (also labelled as) Status Report)

I didn't participate in NaNoWriMo. :(
I wrote around 2000 words in Newland. :(
Began storyboarding Newland.
I revised Idolatry and submitted it to a new market.
Submitted Wamphyri to market for the first time.
I wrote "Spring BBQ" for Cafe Doom.
Wrote a new flash piece titled "Murky Depths" and submitted to market for first time.
I read "Promise Not To Tell" by Jennifer McMahon
I wrote three reviews of "Promise Not To Tell" by Jennifer McMahon
I completed and submitted 3 assignments, passing them all and completing my first year of study successfully.
Slushed 8 stories. (still haven't found a gem)
Critiqued 1 manuscript, 1 Query letter, and 1 synopsis. Excellent premise I expect to see grow.
Queried two submissions and received notice they were still under consideration.
Received 1 somewhat positive rejection.
Received 0 acceptances
9 pieces currently out to market.

I still feel like I didn't do enough though, and I think that's primarily due to not doing a lot on Newland.

That's enough for the updates.

Go read Spring BBQ and let me know what you think...

Speak soon


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